Check out this cool wall with Orcish Graffiti made by Kleiner Zorn from Da Waaagh forums. One of my guys had the honour of posing as a beakie. Love it!

Check out his blog here: Waaagh! Zorn




This t-shirt is now available at the webstore! Still with a free Wobbly Model Syndrome dice!
The last picture of the previous update already showed it: next to be revamped were the Zoanthropes and the Spore Mines. I chose my 2nd edition Zoanthropes because I like the menacing look on their faces - really suitable once they get Iron Arm (at least they will look menacing then...). The Spore Mines are the plastic ones from the Battle of Macragge starters set some years back. Both the Zoanthropes' brain and the Spore Mines got a layer of water effect to give them a nice, sticky feeling.