I was able to finish some more models from my Tyranid army these weeks. And right in time too, because next sunday - the 11th - I'm going to a tournament and I'm taking the bugs with me.
First up is a Malanthrope from Forge World, which I'm using as my HQ Tervigon. As the base provided by Forge World is too small for a Tervigon, I had to create a new one for my Malanthrope.
Next is a third Carnifex with two twin-linked devourers. Reading the new White Dwarf, I saw that someone had the same idea as me, using the fleshborer hives as twin-linked devourers. Also, a second brood of Hive Guard.
The last three photos are some Termagants. The black scale on the back of some of the Gaunts are my brood markings.
Callum Pulsford and his friends made this awesome Challenge-token in honour of comic #149, "for use whenever they're reasonably certain that they will lose". Nice work guys!
We had a day off yesterday, so an excellent opportunity to play a mega battle with some friends! 4000pts of my Chaos against 2000pts Eldar and 2000pts Dark Eldar of my friends. Thanks to a lucky "seize initiative" my army dominated the first 3 turns of the game, but after that, the (Dark) Eldar really came back into the game and started killing my Chaos like crazy. In the end, Chaos prevailed though, scoring First Blood, Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker.

Chaos Highlight: Man of the Match was the Daemon Prince with the Black Mace. First, he finished off a unit of Beastmasters and after that, he took on an Archon and a full unit of Incubi. The Archon accepted the challenge - counting on his 2++ save with one re-roll for having supporters. But the unlucky Dark Eldar player rolled a 1, twice, killing the Archon instantly, cursing some more Incubi and causing them to flee. Only to be run down by the Daemon Prince, who was restored to full wounds thanks to his boon. (Only to be cut down by Fire Dragons and Trueborn afterwards).

Dark Eldar Highlight: Nominated "Man of the Match" for the Dark Eldar, was a lonely Kabalite Warrior. He was the only remaining member of a squad of Warriors which really attracted alot of fire from the Chaos forces. Somehow though, he managed to survive and blew up the Chaos Land Raider in the last turn.

Eldar Highlight: When Skulltaker with six Bloodcrushers and a Soulgrinder appeared right in front of the Eldar's nose, they did not flinch. Skulltaker and his croonies took one hell of a beating, eating shurikens and starcannons. In the end, only Skulltaker survived, but he was dealt with in the following turn (but not before he claimed the skull of a Wraithlord - chop!). But that same Wraithlord smashed the Soulgrinder into the ground before taking on Skulltaker - you win some, you lose some.