In february, our gaming club organized a tournament called "Exterminatus". I had the honour to provide the tournament with its trophies. T-shirt was for 1st place, mug was for 2nd place and keychain for 3rd. The beer mug was for the best painted army - which by coincidence was also the 1st place! :)
I also provided useful signs to inform our participants :) Actually, I was kinda forced by my friends who constantly found new things for me to draw. Not that it was so bad.


10/05/2012 01:21

Your joy at doing this is so tangible in your work. The humor is spot on, great satire, love it. It is boundless creativity like this that defines this hobby and makes it worthwhile. Plus you play. How awesome is that?

10/05/2012 09:58

"I was kinda forced by my friends " You liked it!


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