You Fool
30/09/2012 13:32

I apologize for spoiling the lols, but contemporary sushi is dish based on vinegared rice that's not tied to any sort of meat or flesh (e.g. cucumber, tofu and egg are common condiments) so unless Tau are made of rice it makes no sense. Also sushi is Japanese while White Scars seem to be very Mongolian of the "invade everything" period way before any sushi we'd recognize so that makes no connection either.

Your background research is *ahem* wobbly AHAHAHAHA

Also the text field names on comment form are white text on white background which is kind of inconvenient, any chance of fixing this?

30/09/2012 23:57

That's only California rolls...
REAL sushi (you got me "zushi" refers to the fermented rice used) has some kind of sea critter in it, so get off your high horse, Google hipster :P

You Fool
07/10/2012 12:39

Uhh not sure if you're being serious but I hope not...


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