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I thought I'd share some pictures of the army I'm currently working on. It's a Dark Eldar army with a strong Coven theme: so all things Haemonculus! It might not be the strongest list you could squeeze from the book (far from it!) but it's fun and I really like the models.
The first picture features my HQ choices: 2 Haemonculi with a webway portal and 1 Archon with agoniser. I use the Urien model to represent my Archon, because he just looks badass and really fits the theme.
The second and third pictures are my Grotesques. The finished one - the one with the liquifier gun - is made from an old school model: Damien 1427 from Inquisitor. The unpainted ones are made from Vampire Counts Crypt Horrors. They are cheaper and more dynamic than the normal Grotesque model, I think.
Fourth and Fifth pictures are my Scourges with two haywire blasters. I needed some anti-tank in the list, but I wanted to stay away from Blasterborn units. Plus, as Scourges are made by the Haemonculi, I thought they would fit nicely in the army.
Sixth picture are some of the Wracks I've finished. Most Wracks will be made from Crypte Ghouls, but the "special" ones are made from Cryx Scrap Thralls - with liquifier guns taken from the Haemonculus model and agonisers from Arco-Flagellants.
My raider(s), not your average Dark Eldar raider. I wanted something half-alive, so I used the tentacles from the Talos kit to represent the feeder tentacles. Imagine this vehicle scouring the battlefield, sucking in corpses and storing them until the Haemonculi can perform their arts upon them... A second one on the way. I also painted the symbol of my Coven on the sides and flag.
First picture are my Beastmasters - but with a dash of Haemonculi-madness! I used Cryx Necrotech to represent the Beastmasters and Cryx Defilers with a chainflail to represent Razorwing Flocks. I plan to use Cryx Soulhunters as Khymerae.
Second picture features an unfished Talos.
And then some more WIPs: 
First and second picture is what I will use as Venoms. I thought it cool to make them (and my future Ravagers) from these kits, just to fit the theme better. The transport platform is the one from the Raider kit. To stress the difference between the Talos and the Talos-like vehicles, I used a solid base for the Talos and a transparent one for the vehicles.
The third picture are my - yet to be finished - webway portals and pain tokens. The pain token idea is not mine though, I saw it once between some pictures on Google...

I'll post some more pictures once I've completed more models.
Hope you liked it!