I was at a tournament last week and during the second battle, I encountered a rather interesting Necron force: entirely themed around the Avengers. The guy's HQ unit had them all: Iron Man (Necron Overlord), The Hulk (Destroyer Lord), Nick Fury (Cryptek), Thor, Captain America, Black Widow and Hawk Eye (Necron Lords). Sorry for the bad quality photo, but my cellphone camera sucks.
All super heroes had a unique build. It was too much to remember all, but it was a pretty though unit. Also notice the cool Avengers-logo painted on the Ghost Ark in the back. All free-hand. Nice work and very nice game!


A guy
18/11/2012 18:55


Wobbly Model Syndrome
18/11/2012 19:22

Yes, that are the ones :) thx for posting that video

Same guy
19/11/2012 20:11

No problem and keep up the good work, think you could do plague marines again?

The Avenger guy
25/11/2012 20:53

Haha so awesome to see them posted here!, My video's view numbers went really up! I almost have 10 viewers each day! Even more thx to you!


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